Planning Permission in Uppingham, Rutland

Walters Architects have just secured planning permission in Uppingham, Rutland for the demolition of an existing single storey commercial building and the rebuild of a new two storey unit.

The new structure will become a warehouse which connects to the neighbouring building. Both buildings are under the same ownership so there will also be a demolition element of the works which will link the two.


We are now speaking to the engineers and preparing the detailed design as part of the Building Control process. Once this is complete we will add the finishes package and seek prices from commercial contractors.

This is exciting news for us because the project came from our Oakham office and is the first application to be secured from this location. We’d love to undertake more projects in this area.

If you have a similar project for consideration or you’re an industrial contractor, please contact the office for a no obligation chat – 01572 335066 or visit our other site