Conservation and Listed Building Works in Leicester City Centre

Walters Architects have secured planning permission to undertake Conservation and Listed building works in Leicester City Centre for the Diocese of Leicester.

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The project involves building a new wall, piers and railings at the rear of the building to form a secure enclosure.

Being a Grade II Listed building which already has a number of railings in other areas around the site, ours will not be an exact match as we want to demonstrate a new intervention.

Permissions were granted a couple of weeks ago and the scheme is currently at tender. We hope to be on site in 6- 8 weeks with a build program of approximately 4 weeks.

Whilst this is only a small project it still takes real understanding of the building, materials, detail and the planning process. These very small but detailed conservation projects have the potential to go very wrong, very quickly if the right approach is not adhered to.

Walters Architects undertake a lot of Listed building works and projects within conservation areas, we enjoy it.