A Royal Institute of British Architects Chartered Practice

Walters Architects was established in 2006 by Principal Architect Kevin Walters. The company became a RIBA Chartered Practice in 2008, originally working within the grounds of a Grade II Listed Building in Charnwood, and later relocating to London Road in the heart of Leicester.

The practice moved to Peacock Lane in the Cathedral Gardens area of the city in 2021.

The studio is founded on the belief that well designed architecture changes lives, and through considered design everyday experiences are influenced for the better.  

Over recent years, the practice has expanded to serve more commercial markets as well as maintaining private clients. Walters Architects now work with a variety of clients on a range of buildings throughout the UK.

In 2022 the practice launched its Walters Industrial web site to showcase their industrial projects. For more information please visit Walters Industrial.

Full architectural services from concept to completion

The practice covers a wide range of services which run from conception to completion. We’re also happy to assist clients in isolated project stages, please contact us to learn more about the services we offer.

We provide a comprehensive range of architectural services in accordance with the RIBA Plan of Work 2020. This includes all stages of the architectural process, from initial design concepts to project completion, encompassing feasibility studies, detailed design, construction documentation, tendering, construction administration and post-occupancy evaluation.

We assist clients in conducting pre-planning research, understanding local planning policies, evaluating site constraints and obtaining feedback from the local authority. This process involves engaging with the local planning authorities and relevant stakeholders to gather information and assess the feasibility of a proposed development before submitting a formal planning application.

We prepare and submit planning applications, including the production of necessary drawings, supporting documents, and coordination with other consultants, to ensure compliance with planning policies and secure the necessary permissions for clients to move forward with a building project.

We will ensure that building designs comply with the legal standards and requirements that govern the design, construction, and alteration of buildings in the UK. This will cover various aspects such as fire safety, structural stability, energy efficiency, accessibility, and sanitation.

We provide a full interior design service which includes the planning and arrangement of interior spaces to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and cohesive environments. Services also include the selection of finishes, furniture, lighting, and other elements that contribute to the overall look and feel of the interior spaces.

We provide services for designing and planning building extensions, considering factors such as structural integrity, integration with the existing building, aesthetic harmony, and compliance with building regulations that will allow clients to expand the size or footprint of an existing building to accommodate additional space or new functions.

Listed buildings are structures of special architectural or historic interest that are legally protected and subject to specific regulations. We are experienced in working with listed buildings and can provide services for alterations, renovations, or extensions while preserving the building’s historical significance and complying with heritage and conservation guidelines.

We provide services for new builds, from conceptual design to project completion, considering factors such as site analysis, functional requirements, sustainability, aesthetics, and building regulations.

The strategic and comprehensive planning of a large-scale development or an entire area. We have experience in masterplanning and can collaborate with urban planners, landscape architects, and other professionals to create a holistic vision for the development, considering aspects such as land use, transport, infrastructure, open space, and architectural intervention.

We can assist with 3D visualisations, such as renderings, virtual walkthroughs, or flythroughs, to help clients better understand and visualise the proposed design before planning and construction, aiding in decision-making and communication.

We can assist clients in preparing party wall notices (notifications served to adjacent property owners when construction or renovation work may affect shared walls or boundaries) and address any concerns or disputes that may arise between the property owner and adjacent owners regarding the proposed works.

We can act as contract administrators, monitoring progress, addressing queries, conducting site inspections, assessing payments, and resolving any issues that may arise during construction. This involves overseeing and managing the construction phase of a project, ensuring that the work is carried out in accordance with the design, specifications, and contractual agreements.

Sketch schemes refer to initial design concepts, rough sketches and feasibility studies that we develop during the early stages of a project to explore and communicate design ideas. These sketches help clients visualise the proposed design direction and facilitate discussions regarding the project’s overall vision, layout, and key design elements.

We are experienced in working with conservation areas and offer expertise in designing and adapting buildings within them, ensuring compliance with conservation guidelines and maintaining the area’s heritage value. Conservation areas are designated regions with special architectural or historic significance requiring additional planning considerations to protect and preserve their unique character.