Planning Permission for a Listed Building

Walters Architects have secured a second planning approval associated with a Listed Building in North West Leicestershire. The Grade II building is substantial, complicated and detailed so obtaining the permission was a real result.

Listed Building Consents are very important as it’s a criminal offence to work on a Listed Building without formal permission. Obviously, the client is conscientious and was keen to avoid any action so commissioned Walters Architects to resolve their intended proposal and secure permission.

Due to the detail required and pressures planners are under, it has taken longer than we had all hoped. Unfortunately, this is a reality of the planning system at the moment so we would suggest anyone seeking complicated approvals to allow plenty of time to resolve matters. Involve your design and planning team as soon as possible.

The first approval for this building was more straightforward but this smaller application for internal detailed works was much more complicated and took a long time to get over the line. The size of the application doesn’t always determine how complicated it can become.

Although the process can be frustrating, clients should approach projects correctly or it can take even longer to resolve. Most application that go wrong are usually down to the wrong approach.

For more information on working with Listed Buildings and withing Conservation Areas, please give our office a call 0116 2541830. We are always happy to discuss projects.