Loughborough University Architecture Department

Yesterday Walters Architects had the privilege of listening to students present their final designs at Loughborough University Architecture Department as part of their BA studies. This was their final review before completing their portfolios for assessment and the standard was fantastic.

The work was exceptional and the students all delivered well considered concepts which evolved into great designs. Approaches, styles, presentations and works were so varied you couldn’t help but be impressed. It was so refreshing to see a ‘house style’ had not been adopted by the department and that the students had clearly been encouraged to express themselves individual. Again, the results spoke for themselves.

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Loughborough has only been running an architecture department for 6 years and they have already been ranked top in the country by the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2024. The facility, the staff and the students work have all contruted towards this.

Keep up the great work team Loughborough and good luck to all the students we met yesterday. It’s a long path to qualify and seeking a rewarding career in architecture but you have certainly started off on the right foot.