Haagar Yousif drawing.
Exploded axonometric programme scheme.

Walters Architects are pleased to announce the winner of their 2020 WAP (Walters Architects Prize) which has been awarded to BA 3 Student, Haagar Yousif of Leeds Beckett University.

The award was initially intended for the best final year image but has quickly evolved into the award for the best building related image. Whilst Haagars concept image may appear too abstract for some, we felt the concept did continue through her work and did drive her final design.

Haagar even gladly references her inspiration for the image (Franco Purini) which we thought was a very nice touch.

Other than the winning image, Haagar’s associated drawings were also very good. We were especially impressed with the exploded axonometirc and section drawings, which shows how the different building elements come together. For us practicing architects this type of detail and understanding of a building is an absolute must.

Walters Architects are delighted to have presented Haggar with the award and wish her every success in the future. She is one to watch!

Concept image of the inside of a building.