Planning Approval at Appeal

Walters Architects have won 2 Planning approvals at appeal this week.

The practice doesn’t often go to appeal (4 in 18 years) because we pride ourselves on getting planning approval first time. In fact we very rarely receive a refusal. Our current planning success stands at approximate 95%. Also, the process can be very unpredictable and costly. Our fundamental aim is to reduce stress and expense for our client during this element of the process.

Our success rate could be viewed two ways; 1. we don’t push the limits hard enough or 2. we don’t submit many applications. Well if you consider our portfolio, we are submitting trickier applications each year as our client s become braver and, on average, we submit 25 – 30 planing applications a year.

It may also be worth noting that Walters Architects have a pragmatic approach to our planning applications. This involves realistic client (accepting good advice), considering context, detailed feasibility studies, te submission of Pre planning applications and working with the right consultants externally. All these factors help us put together a robust planning application in order to stand a better chance of success.

This approach helps reduce the risk at appeal but, if necessary, we are happy to take on that challenge as well.

We are delighted for the two clients involved and were really pleased with their appreciation for our practice’s efforts.

So, if you have a planning application in mind, be it in Leicestershire or Oakham, commercial or domestic, large or small, please feel free to call either of our offices to discuss the best approach.

boyslade road view 1 rev1

Recently approvred domestic extension in Leicesteshire