How to Deal with a Planning Enforcement Notice

Walters Architects often asked ‘how to deal with a Planning Enforcement Notice’. Our advise is simple, speak to the professionals as soon as you can.

What Went Wrong?

Most issues develop through a simple misunderstanding. A client didn’t realise they owned a Listed Building, are in a Conservation Area, haven’t understood the contents of a Planning Approval or have misunderstood a set of drawings.

How Are You Notified?

The Local Authority will write to people directly and notify you of the issue in detail. When you receive a letter you should be told how to overcome the issue and be notified or a response date.

Please don’t delay, act on this immediately in order to stand a more fluid outcome.

How to Deal With a Planning Enforcement Notice

Listed Building s require Planning Approval for all works

What Can Planners Do?

Normally the Local Authority will ask for a new planning application which address’ the issue and then they will make a decision in the conventional way. Sometimes you will be asked take down or reinstate works. In the case of Listed Buildings you can face a fine and/or a prison sentence.

What Should You Do?

When things have gone wrong, it usually means the applicant has misunderstood the complications of the planning system. They have possibly submitted an application themselves or by an inexperienced agent. Most problems we resolve are due to poor applications. That is to say they have the wrong terminology, insignificant information or don’t comply with national design guidelines.

It doesn’t mean planning wont get approved, it simply means the application wasn’t presented in a professional and informed way.

How to Deal With a Planning Enforcement Notice

Solar Panels require planning permission in Conservation Areas.

To avoid a costly outcome, please contact us as soon as you receive a letter from the planners. Careful and quick action can put clients at ease without necessarily costing the earth.

For more information please call Walters Architects on 0116 2541830 to discuss your situation.