Happy Halloween

Hotel Transylvania image

Happy Halloween to Johnny, Mavis and Drac.

Scary movies always rely on the manipulation of architecture and interiors to set the tone and mood of their spooky stories. They usually favour the dark, dank, cold stone and wide open proportions of Gothic architecture to conjure up the eeriest of emotions.

Nothing better highlights the influence of architecture on people’s mindset and sense of belonging (or not) than a scary movie. They really do effectively demonstrate the impact ‘place’ has on our sense of well being. how many times have we screamed at our screens ‘GET OUT OF THERE’?

The Hotel Transylvania series of films is by far our favourite. It plays with the conventional ideas of the medieval European castle and amuses us with its preconceptions of the unnerving.

We also think any guy walking about dressed head to toe in just black, taking himself far too seriously make a great caricature of a vampire…or maybe even an architect.

‘Blah, Blah, Blah’