A Mock Up, Knocked Up

Kitchen mockup walters architects

Creating A Mock Up

Walters Architects has just received word that the joinery workshop assisting the contractor has finished a “Mock Up” of the frame on our new timber extension in Leicester, for our approval.

This is a really exciting stage of the project as Mock Ups are brilliant for communicating ideas and resolving details before the contractor starts work. They help eradicate some uncertainty by letting the contractor and architect talk through the detailed design at full scale. This is imperative before the key components are machined up in the workshop ready for installation on site, a real last chance to approve or change our minds. 

It is also chance for the client to see the first stages if their project come together and comment accordingly. Things could very well change at this point as it’s fair to say not everyone manages to read drawings very well and ideas may have previously been misinterpreted. 

The mock up is in the workshop at the moment and we intend to visit later in the week to make sure its as good as the photos suggest. Hopefully the client will see it next week and we can have it signed off and put into production the week after.