Living the Dream

Most people dream of building their own home in the open English countryside but let us tell you, it really isn’t a simple process.

Firstly you have to have a suitable site and then you need a robust justification to satisfy the relevant Local Authority Planning department. Be assured, the difficulties are endless, time consuming and extremely expensive.

Most single large scale houses built in the country are associated with farms, agricultural or equestrian uses. So when a site comes along which is prime for a new house we, understandably, get excited.

There is a national Planning policy (NPPF) which allows for outstanding domestic architecture to be created but that is a very different subject and beyond the means of most people. This approach is often referred to as ‘Paragraph 79’.

This site in Rutland, has received a positive response at the Pre-Planning stage and so we have now just completed the first draft of the house for the clients approval before developing the scheme into a full planning submission.

This is not a P79 application and is associated to equestrian activity on the site. we cant wait to get underway with it and promise to keep the blog up dated on progress.